We want you to be completely satisfied with every print, so reviewing your design before submitting your order is crucial. This page will help you make the best possible design. If your final image does not look right, do not worry, we'll contact you directly to ensure your print is made to your specifications.




Making the perfect print is not always easy because there are many variables to consider when designing a print. First, you always want to look at your goal because that might change the way you wake your design. For example, DTG printing allows you the ability to have the full spectrum of colors by utilizing digital print technology, whereas screen printing is far more cost-effective than DTG for larger orders of more simple designs with only a few colors. After you know what kind of printing service you are going to use, it's time to review file types and sizes.


File Types Accepted

We accept nearly all file types. If you have any question about your files, we are happy to assist you and help you submit the proper file.



Using large image for design is always recommended to avoid pixelation as seen here.


Placement & Centering

Please place your image in the desired location for the best results. Our team can also assist with custom placement, angles, and designs as needed per availability. Many of the minor adjustments required to placement image and text for the perfect print is included at no additional charge. After all, this is what we do. If you do need further image modification and or design work, we can discuss the cost required to meet your needs.


Removing Background Colors On Your Images

Please remove all unnecessary background images for the best results. If there is a background image, it will be printed. Our quality control team will be able to assist you in sending the proper file for the perfect print. In many cases, we can do this by exporting the file in a different format. If additional image modification is required for background removal, we will contact you directly to discuss the best solution to get the print you're looking for.


Color Changes

DTG Printing gives you the freedom to change any color you desire because it's a digital print. When screen printing the using the same screen design, you must change, clean, and reset the screens between every color. This additional labor is why we cannot combine color changes into one print batch order price. Our team of knowledgeable printing professionals can walk you through the entire process.


Adjusting Print Size On Orders

With DTG Printing, we can easily scale the image to size as long as it fits within the DTG print area. When screen printing, in some cases we are able to use the same screen when going from smaller to slightly larger. Using a large screen on a small garment usually does not work. Please keep this in mind when designing screen prints.