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How long do custom t-shirts take to make?

After you confirm the final design comp of your custom t-shirt prints, the average turn around time is based on the order quantity and local availability. We ship from all over the world so custom materials are no problem as long as you understand that great things may take slightly more time.

Do you ship Mylar packaging Nationwide?

Yes! We ship our Mylar packaging all over the world and every bag is made right here in the U.S.A.

Can you print my logo on my business entryway doormats?

Yes! Oddly enough we get this request a lot and we are happy to help save you money while adding life to your business with custom branded entryway doormats.

How can we beat everyone's price on packaging?

We're a small business just like you, which means we have lower overhead than the "big guys" and we have an exclusive with the largest Mylar provider in the world. This means, as a business, we are lean enough to have the best prices and we're backed by the publicly traded companies who make the bags for us.

Is your Child-Guard Zipper Bags Continuously Child Resistant?

Yes! We use the Child-Guard zippers for nearly all of our child resistant packaging purposes because they are certified to be continuously child resistant.